Fitness and Health is one of the things I believe I was put into this earth to do. Health is your first wealth, in order to enjoy life fully we need to be fit, healthy and functional no matter your social, economic or even political status. As a fitness trainer, nutritionist and life coach, I am here to change lives and bring positive energy to all my clients.

I grew up in a sports loving environment. My dad was a football coach and so it made a lot of sense that I fell in love with the sport from a very young age. I focused on football right until I finished high school and it was then that I discovered my love for fitness. I needed to get stronger for the field and so I started hitting the gym. My passion for the gym soon took over from football. Using myself as a guinea pig I started trying out different work outs and it worked. I started bulking and lifting incredibly heavy weights, to the awe of friends and family. I soon started training close friends and family, who were getting incredible results after my programs.

Spurred by my success, and recent completion of my nutrition diploma from Kenyatta University, I started my first job as a personal trainer, at the Trojan gym in Karen. I am now their resident nutritionist and personal trainer with clients across Nairobi. Fitness and nutrition is a calling to me; I want to change lives and help people get the confidence to feel happy in their own skin.

Hit me up for anything fitness and nutrition related. I am here to help you get and stay fit and healthy!